PublishedApril 26, 2015


Owner/Head Coach Steve aka Maverick


Steve Loeding aka "Maverick"
Owner & Head Coach

CrossFit Level 1 / Level 2 
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Gymnastics
NASM Personal Trainer
API Caveman training instructor
USAW Level 1 Coach

Hi there - I'm Steve, owner / head coach at Top Gun CrossFit.  I'm a 20 yr veteran of the Minneapolis Police Dept.  I opened Top Gun CrossFit in January of 2010 and write all the programming/WODs. Before finding CrossFit, I did the standard heavy lifting, long slow runs, and would get bored with the same routines pretty quickly.  I was looking for something that was different and challenging - and then I found CrossFit.

CrossFit is one of the best fitness programs out there.  It's not just about fitness, it's about changing lives.  It's about getting leaner, stronger, faster - and changing attitudes, not only about fitness but about life in general.  Our box is a place where you can accomplish things you never thought possible, do things no one ever told you that you could, and spend time with people dedicated to changing their lives. We are a community family.

Hobbies: travelling on my Harley, building model airplanes, raising my three dogs !!

Favorite workout: any heavy metcon - short and brutal

Least favorite workout: anything involving jump ropes


PublishedAugust 3, 2016


Owner, Director of Operations, & Member Services Meghan


Hi there!

I'm Meghan Ackmann, Co-Owner, Director of Operations, Member Services & Events. How did I get started in Crossfit? - by pure accident. But it's been one of the most beneficial accidents to happen to me.

I've actually been with Top Gun Crossfit since it's conception (we may have been enjoying adult beverages at the time) with Steve, now my husband. Wanting to perfect his coaching skills, Steve started by leading his sister Leslie, Don, and myself in WODs he created out of our garage- just as so many ol' school Crossfit Boxes originated from. Leslie has always had a natural athleticism since childhood, and Don has since become a numerous Crossfit competition winner. And then there was me, who never lifted a barbell in my life and had a Marlboro red smoking habit of 20+ years. Describing my performance as less than stellar compared to Leslie and Don's is such an understatement. However, being dutiful, I wanted to support Steve in his endeavor to open a Box so I knew I had to either Crossfit or smoke, but I could not do both.

We opened Top Gun Crossfit in a space outside of our garage in Jan 2010. Fast forward to now and I have been smoke-free since Feb. 2010. Despite patches, pills, 3rd party assistance, and after dozens and dozens of attempts to quit, Crossfit was the ONLY thing that actually got me to quit. I am living proof that you don't have to be in shape in order to start Crossfit. I am also proof that you don't have to be naturally athletic, as well, since everyone who knows me knows what a klutz I am and my hand-eye-coordination stinks. I'm not competitive, so I Crossfit to be able to enjoy life, food, wine, etc and to get a hard workout in! But hands down, our community at Top Gun Crossfit is the best part of our Box to me. I love supporting and motivating everyone - Crossfit is the only sport where everyone is cheering the loudest for the last person to finish.

Forward to current and I officially stepped into Owner, Director of Operations, & Member Services. Director of Ops means I'm in charge of financial, administrative, and cleaning/paper supplies - basically the sexy stuff. My favorite part is the Member Services; helping potential, new, and current members. So feel free to email me with questions, comments, ideas, etc! See you at the Box!
Hobbies: traveling abroad and to tropical locations (favorite trips were Egypt, St. Maarten, & Cuba), enjoying good food, wine/bourbon and lover of animals - especially rescue dogs (shameless plug- my small company: York's Karma Bits)
Favorite workouts: The Bear Complex, Chief, Diablo, Bring Sally Up, anything lifting weights.
Least favorite: anything running, rowing, air bikes.