CrossFit – mental and physical toughness

“The beauty of Crossfit is that it can be scaled to anyone’s ability. It can be performed by anyone at any age or physical condition. I made it to the gym as often as I could during my treatments. I lost a lot of muscle strength at first and my endurance was low. I am actually very surprised at how quickly it comes back! “

“The workouts were constantly varied. I loved the fact that I could do a workout one day, and give it everything I had, knowing I wasn’t doing it again for at least a month. This allowed me to really push hard ’cause I knew I didn’t have to do it again on ‘Day 3′. It eliminated the boredom. It made the workouts interesting and fun. Yes fun! ”  (bold added for emphasis)

“The whiteboard – writing down personal goals and beating them makes you accountable”

Good problem to have ?

Well peeps – we have been growing at a nice steady pace.  March has been a huge month in terms of new athletes.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing new faces and watching everyone help each other.

With growth, comes pains.  With the large number of people wanting to work out in the evening, it’s not feasible or good coaching to have 12-14 people in a class (potentially).  So I’m going to have to have 2 classes in the evenings MWF – 5:30 and 6:15 ???  Something we’ll have to discuss.  There will still be one class at 6 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, along with a beginner class at 6 PM.

Another pain ?  Equipment – it’s obvious that we’ll need two more squat racks (on order from Rogue fitness), a couple of very good bars (potentially on order), at least one more set of rings, and potentially a couple of #45 bumper plates. 

I’d also love a rower, but they’re pretty damn expensive.

It’s like HQ was reading our minds !!!!

As we were discussing a couple of days ago, running shoes have cushioned heels, allowing us to land on said heels instead of our toes.  As I stated, almost all animals run on their toes.  Striking with the heel first leads to a lot of shock right up the ankle, shins, knees, hips and lower back – leading to injury.

Modern running shoes feature heels packed with cushioning technology—but

do they prevent the foot from functioning as it was designed?
“The evolution of athletic footwear is quite troubling

in terms of solving or, at worst, producing technical
problems with exercise. Our ancestors functioned quite
well in minimalist footwear or with none at all. How has
the human condition changed so much for us to “need”
advanced insoles, cushions and even one particular
structural shoe element we take for granted: the elevated

The less compressible material between your feet and the earth,
the better we will be able to transfer force to move our bodies.

The same applies to lifting weights as well – deadlift, squats, presses !!!

When you use a heelstrike

technique, the calcaneous (heel bone), is abruptly
loaded with force that would have been dissipated if the
force had passed through the arches


You guys have done a great job in the last 2-3 months – more pull ups, push ups, huge numbers on the deadlift.

Let’s focus on consistency – if you were not consistent, you would not have made such big improvements.  Coming to class 3 times a week is consistent.  If you skip classes, make it only 2 x a week, don’t give it your all, you are not doing yourself any favors.  When you miss 2 classes in a row, or show up whenever, there really is no way you will continue to make gains.  It’s just not possible.

Look – I know better than anyone that LIFE HAPPENS.  You get sick, friends come to town, happy hours, gatherings – it happens – and you should absolutely make time for family and friends.

However, if you know you won’t be able to be there on a regular day, come on a different one.  There’s nothing wrong with coming MWTh if that’s what it takes.  But you have to make the effort.  When you haven’t worked out for 6-7 days as a beginner, you regress a bit.  Maybe you don’t lose strength, or endurance, but your recovery certainly takes a hit, and you have the potential to be more sore than usual. 

YOU have to make the effort to make it to class on a consistent basis.  I can’t / won’t force people to come to class.  You have to want to make the gains that CrossFit has the potential to give you.  But you won’t make gains by being inconsistent.

See you in class !!!