Email us at least 2 days before you expect to drop in and tell us what class you expect to attend – we can notify coaches that you will be stopping by. Complete online waiver. It's a floating black box on our website here that reads: "Sign our Waiver."


 Show up a minimum of 5 minutes early. 

 Workouts are posted the night before. We can definitely accommodate changes to suit your needs but respect our athletes’ training. If you have a special program you are following and need to make adjustments, we are cool with that – just let us know. Enjoy your workout! 



The charge for drop ins is $20 each. We expect that you know the movements used in typical CrossFit classes – clean and jerks, snatches, squats, deadlifts, presses, etc. If you need help, tell us and we can focus on the movement with you.


We are conviently located near the Mall of America and the Airport - just take Cedar Av north from the Mall of America, and take Hiawatha WB ( north towards downtown ) and take a left onto 38 St to Cedar Av.